Pacific Way Bakery & Cafe

601 Pacific Way  Gearhart, Oregon

(503) 738-0245

Frequently Asked


What's up with all the Scottie dog stuff?

Thanks for asking.  We raised Scotty dogs for many years and had one, Angus McEntee Laird of Gearhart ( Mac to his friends ), when we opened in 1988.  He became our mascot and was later joined by two more Scotties, Lady Paisley Wagtail of Gearhart ( Paisley ) and Waterford Wagtail Laird of Gearhart ( Wags).  Unfortunately they are no longer with us, but they are much missed in their absence.

Do you do special order baking and/or wedding cakes?

Unfortunately not.  Currently, our retail bakery & restaurant demand all of Lisa's time.

Do we offer gluten free food and/or pastries?

Yes.  Our restaurant offers several gluten free salads, desserts & entrees. 

Our bakery offers a few gluten free pastries such as cranberry-orange scones & pumpkin coffee cake.

Although we do offer gluten free product we do use flour in our kitchen so if you have severe gluten intolerance please be advised.

Do you cater?

Unfortunately, we do not have the staff or large enough facilities to take on catering.

Are you open the same hours all year long?

Our business has two storefronts: a retail bakery and a separate restaurant.  The restaurant is open five days a week ( Thursday through Monday ) all year long. Our normal days off are Tuesday & Wednesday all year long.

The restaurant portion is closed one week in the spring and another in the fall.  We are also always closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.  We always post projected closures on the website and on the cafe answering machine.

The retail bakery portion of the business is open seasonally five days a week Thursday through Monday from March 1st through the end of September.  The bakery is open only Saturday & Sunday in the winter months between October & February.

Do you use nut products?

Yes, we have many different nuts and nut products in our kitchen.  We do produce many nut free pastries and breads, but if you have a severe nut allergy we advise you not to consume our products.

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